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1 Aug, 2019

Networking for Career Success

01 August, 2019
Margaret Resce Milkint
Professional Development

Relationship-building, career management, professional networking, career development are all essential components to a successful professional career Introduction Professional networks play a vital role in career management and development. As data science evolves, data management professionals are tasked with not only mastering technical skills, but also cultivating human skills, such as the abi



31 Jan, 2019

The Power of Mentorship for Data Management Professionals

31 January, 2019
Margaret Resce Milkint
Professional Development

Data scientists and other data professionals need a combination of education, practical experience, and soft skills to succeed and have a positive impact   Introduction Gone are the days of the Wild, Wild West for data scientists.  In those heady days, the job search process for entry-level data scientists and beyond was relatively painless.  No more.  As the profession has matured and bec



27 Nov, 2018

21st Century Data Management Professions

27 November, 2018
Aimee Siliato
Professional Development

Data-oriented positions and professions may be less vulnerable to disruption by automation and new technologies, due to data management’s reliance on critical thinking, analysis, and human interaction Introduction No matter what job anyone has, the person has to know how to do that job. That is, after all, the reason the candidate was hired. Simple enough, right? Not really. The rapid growth and



7 May, 2019

Developing Skills through Continuous Learning

07 May, 2019
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Professional Development

Every professional, in every field, must be ready and willing to learn continually so they can maintain their skills and develop new approaches to an ever-changing world Introduction In the 21st century, every professional must be ready to embrace continuous education, and develop a willingness to learn new skills to develop talents that enable them to contribute to the ever-changing world and its



20 Aug, 2018

Soft Skills Define Leaders

20 August, 2018
Margaret Resce Milkint
Professional Development

Communication, leadership, problem solving, influencing, and emotional intelligence are all critical skills in every workplace, in addition to the necessary position capabilities. Introduction Data is the prevailing buzzword for 21st century corporate reality, revolutionizing all industries and forever changing the way they operate. Effective data management and analytics help organizations improv



10 Aug, 2018

Foundations of Data Management Professional Development

10 August, 2018
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is important in every data management person’s career, since it enables life-long learning, offers opportunities for growth in skills and knowledge, and contributes to personal satisfaction. Introduction In any profession, the term professional development may be used in reference to a wide variety of specialized training, formal education, or advanced profess




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