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Logical and Physical Data Modeling Overview

Logical and physical data modeling are essential components of every organization’s enterprise data architecture and should form the foundation of every database design.  Standard techniques for logical and physical data modeling enable consistent development and usability. Even though the concept

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The Power of Abstraction in Data Modeling

Abstraction is a powerful design tactic for creating flexible, robust and scalable data warehouse data models Introduction I remember meandering through the large galleries of a modern art museum, and stopping in my tracks in front of a very large

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Four Foundational Data Governance Policies

Every organization needs a set of foundational policies to manage the basic operations of data governance.  Policies are different from guiding principles Introduction Every organization needs to create and maintain a set of basic or foundational policies to manage the

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Enhance Your Data Management Career!

Certification is an essential component of any professional career path.  Every data management professional should earn the Data Management Professional designation. Introduction Data management professionals who are committed to a career in the field and want to demonstrate their knowledge

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The Data Constraint to Successful Enterprise Integration

Data Integration is essential for successful information management and business intelligence Introduction Without data integration, enterprise integration is extremely costly and overly complex.  Many businesses are convinced that Business Intelligence the Internet, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are critical, strategic

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Data Governance Guiding Principles

Base your data governance program on a set of enduring guiding principles to ensure long-term success! Guiding principles are statements that direct the organization during its operations, in all circumstances, regardless of changes in management or other impermanent things.  In

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Data Rationalization and Semantic Resolution

Data rationalization through managed metadata and data modeling, can support semantic resolution, enabling improved analysis and knowledge transfer. Introduction Across the Internet and within internal systems, ontologies are used to improve search capabilities and make inferences for improved human or

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Foundations of Data Integration

Data Integration is an essential activity that allows an organization to combine data from disparate sources into a unified version for a variety of uses.  Proper data integration starts at architecture, includes understanding requirements and the data, and ends with

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