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Data Architecture and Packaged Implementations Part One

Using package applications without a defined data architecture strategy creates silos of data, making sharing data across applications extremely difficult. Introduction I once worked with a client where the business and IT did not have a peaceful history.  The business

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The Evolution of the Corporate Information Factory

Introduction In the beginning were applications.  And applications served the corporation well until there was a desire for integration of historical information. However, applications supported neither integration nor historical data.  When it was noticed that applications – once built and

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Building a Data Warehouse in Iterations

Effective data warehouse development requires an iterative approach that results in a robust, well-defined and usable system for analytics. This article is excerpted from Data Warehouse Project Management (Addison-Wesley, Adelman and Moss, © September 2000). Data Warehouse Iterations Introduction A

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Should We Model Everything?

Different models represent and communicate different types of data; all are important to effective data management. Introduction The level of attention paid to a data model should be determined by its intended use and place in the enterprise. There are

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Practical Data Management Tips

Five Commandments of practical data management can ensure that fundamental best practices are followed consistently Introduction Commandments are like best practices (see the DAMA-DMBOK©); they are basic performance statements.  In data management there are some practical, fundamental administrative rules for

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Data Warehouse Costs

Developing a process for cost justifying a data warehouse and metrics for measuring various costs associated with a data warehouse project are essential for success This article is excerpted from a book titled Data Warehouse Project Management (published by Addison

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Data Warehouse Success Measures

Knowing how to measure success and failure, and qualifying results for a data warehouse or analytics project is essential for all project managers. This article is excerpted from a book titled Data Warehouse Project Management (published by Addison Wesley Longman

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Data Mart Migration

Fully architected solutions to data warehouse / analytics systems, not independent data marts, is the right way to ensure all the benefits of integrated data Introduction The need for an architected solution to decision support / analytics data, as opposed

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