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20 Feb, 2015

Data Governance Assessments

20 February, 2015
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Governance

Evaluating the current state of data governance practices is an excellent way to learn about the organization's approach to managing data as an asset, and to improve data governance performance. Introduction Organizations considering a new approach to data governance frequently wonder about the current state of their data governance efforts.  The enterprise may have started a data governance prog



20 Oct, 2014

Enterprise Data Management Assessment

20 October, 2014
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Management

Assessing the current state of an organization's data management efforts can lead to awareness of strengths, areas of improvement and paths to progress Introduction Many organizations have begun to explore the need for an enterprise data management strategy to leverage the value of the data and information they collect, store, use, and propagate.  In addition, executives have started to see the i



20 Sep, 2014

Business Rules Overview

20 September, 2014
David Marco
More Data Geekery

Business rules tell an organization what activities it should perform to achieve a defined and desired result.  Business rules should be documented to be most effective across the organization. Introduction At their highest level, business rules tell an organization what activities it should perform to achieve a defined and desired result.  Many organizations first develop a business strategy to



20 Jan, 2014

Foundations of Data Security

20 January, 2014
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Best Practices

Effective data security ensures that the right people can use and update data as it was intended to be used, and that all inappropriate access and update is prohibited.   Introduction Protecting sensitive data is the ultimate goal of all information technology and data security practices; some major objectives would be to avoid identity theft, protect data privacy, prevent resource / financia



20 Aug, 2013

Foundations of Data Quality Management

20 August, 2013
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Quality

Data quality is a function of data's fitness for use to a particular purpose in a given context; measured against stated requirements or guidelines.  High data quality engenders trust in operational and strategic decisions.   Introduction Data quality is a perception or an assessment of data’s fitness to serve its purpose in a given context (Thomas C. Redman, 2008).  It is an essential ch



20 Jul, 2013

Foundations of Data Governance

20 July, 2013
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Governance

Data governance is the foundational component of the enterprise data management function.  It is responsible for the development and implementation of policies and standards for managing data and information across and within the organization. Introduction Data governance is the planning, oversight, and control over management of data and the use of data and data-related resources, and the develo



20 Oct, 2012

Foundations of Project Management

20 October, 2012
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Project Management

Every organization must perform project management according to the accepted principles and using the approved processes and procedures to enable successful results. Introduction Every day, organizations are asked to accomplish activities that do not align into the "business as usual" format.  The Project Management Institute (PMI) defines a project as "a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a



20 Oct, 2012

Enterprise Data Strategy

20 October, 2012
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Management

An enterprise data strategy should be part of every organization's strategic development.  A data strategy ensures the organization uses its data and information to support business goals. Introduction Most organizations have a business strategy: a plan of how the company will achieve its goals, meet the expectations of its customers, and sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Once



20 Apr, 2012

DAMA-DMBOK© Overview

20 April, 2012
Anne Marie Smith, PhD.
Data Management

The DAMA-DMBOK© is the premier reference guide for all aspects of the data management profession, covering all components of data management with best practices and expert advice. Introduction Every profession has its "body of knowledge," a collection of best practices and proven techniques for performing the functions of the discipline.  Project Management has the PMBOK (Project Management Body



20 Oct, 2011

Data Management Maturity Overview

20 October, 2011
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Data Management

Measuring the maturity of an organization's data management capabilities against a standard model provides structure and the ability to gauge progress over time Introduction Organizations do not know how to treat data as an asset.  As evidenced by the fact that many organizations do not or cannot control the data they capture and store for it to produce business value, many organizations need to



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