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Blockchain Has Blockbuster Potential

Blockchain, a leading-edge technology, can make financial transactions faster, safer, and paperless Blockchain, the technology behind online cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, attracts much attention due to its many data management and security capabilities.  Sierra Leone made history in March 2018,

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Remain Focused on Data Management Fundamentals

Application of data management fundamentals in a changing environment will contribute to a winning record Introduction In the movie Bull Durham the manager of the Durham Bulls, the film’s minor league baseball team said, “This is a simple game: You

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Problems Addressed by Business Rules

Time to take a fresh look at business rules. What problems do they address? Why are they still so relevant? How will they relate to AI and machine learning? Introduction Business rules cover a very broad space.  Across the entire

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Data Governance Organization and Titles

Identifying the correct organizational structure for the data governance program and naming the roles with the proper titles will ensure credibility and visibility for data governance and data management across the organization For many organizations, titles are one of the

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The Role of Human Skills in Personal Branding

Every data management professional should develop a personal brand for career advancement. Identifying strengths and human skills can contribute to an effective personal brand. Introduction Modernization, automation and transformation are creating a demand for data management professionals’ technical skills. However,

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