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1 Oct, 2009

ISO 8000 Data Quality

01 October, 2009
Peter R. Benson
Data Quality

ISO 8000 defines the parameters of data quality, so one can ask for quality data and verify that one has received quality data Introduction It is common to see the relationship between data and information represented as a pyramid with data as the base rising through information and knowledge to wisdom as the apex. In researching the origin of this hierarchy, one discovers that the original refere


1 Apr, 2009

Metadata Infrastructure Planning Part 1

01 April, 2009
Douglas Viverito

Metadata infrastructure planning should start by focusing on the "big picture", which is the objective of the metadata program, and plan all the MME layers to maintain focus on the objective. Introduction When planning to implement a Managed Metadata Environment (MME) infrastructure, it is important to maintain perspective overall objective of the MME program and the fact that all the users will


1 Apr, 2016

Data Rationalization and Semantic Resolution

01 April, 2016
Pete Stiglich
More Data Geekery

Data rationalization through managed metadata and data modeling, can support semantic resolution, enabling improved analysis and knowledge transfer. Introduction Across the Internet and within internal systems, ontologies are used to improve search capabilities and make inferences for improved human or computer reasoning. By relating terms in ontology, the user doesn’t need to know the exact ter


1 Oct, 2008

Global Project Management Office Implementation Part 4

01 October, 2008
Waffa Karkukly
Project Management

Project Management Office (PMO) implementations need project portfolio management and project management tools to sustain the PMO function Introduction Part 1 covered requirements of creating a PMO and the steps needed for a successful PMO. This part also addressed a breakdown of the elements and processes which constitute the many components of a PMO. Part 2 addressed the challenges that face a n


1 Oct, 2017

Agile Framework for Managing and Measuring Enterprise Business Intelligence

01 October, 2017
Karthikeyan Sankaran
Data Warehousing

To be agile, business intelligence and analytics systems need frameworks and metrics to enable stable evolution. Introduction Enterprise Business Intelligence and analytics solutions are complex implementation efforts because of the Develop – Support (Growth-Sustain) cycles followed concurrently. Every enterprise wide BI system continuously evolves over a period with new business functionality


1 Oct, 2008

Dimensional Data Modeling Fact Qualifier Matrix

01 October, 2008
Pete Stiglich
Data Warehousing

Fact Qualifier Matrix capabilities can be expanded to improve the value of conformed dimensions in business intelligence and analytics systems Introduction The venerable Fact Qualifier Matrix (FQM) has been a tool long used for demonstrating for dimensional models how fact and dimension tables intersect to ensure that dimensional models are conformed. A key principle of dimensional modeling is th


1 Jul, 2008

Global Project Management Office Implementation Part 3

01 July, 2008
Waffa Karkukly
Project Management

Project Management Office (PMO) implementations require four elements to ensure successful planning, execution and measurement of the PMO function Introduction There are four elements that help organizations and individuals working in a Project Management Office (PMO) to establish assessment criteria, prepare for execution, develop an action plan, and measure the benefits of a global project manag


1 Jul, 2018

Data Security or the Ethics of “Inappropriate Curiosity”

01 July, 2018
James McQuade

Ethical challenges to data usage can arise from many sources, including "inappropriate curiosity." All organizations should enforce good ethical data management behaviors. Introduction Early reports have been disheartening. Several contractors for the Federal Government Department of State have been disciplined and dismissed for “inappropriate curiosity” over data held in their charge. What we


1 Oct, 2007

Global Project Management Office Implementation Part 2

01 October, 2007
Waffa Karkukly
Project Management

Challenges to Project Management Office (PMO) implementation can be addressed by following best practices and proven techniques Introduction Creating and designing (planning) a Project Management  Office (PMO) is half of the work - seeing it through (executing) is the work itself and it is a very important component for any newly established PMO. Furthermore, understanding the challenges that sur


1 Jul, 2018

Project Risk Assessment in Uncertain Organizational Climates

01 July, 2018
Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.
Project Management

Project risk assessment and management are important project management activities. All project managers should assess risk for every project and manage it appropriately. Introduction Risk assessment is often one of the most neglected yet most important areas of project management . This is largely because many project managers have not taken the time at the onset of the project to properly assess



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