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Best Practices

Effective Data Security Strategies

Every organization needs a variety of security strategies for all areas of enterprise data management, with responsibilities assigned to business and technology teams Security threats exist against every enterprise’s information assets, whether it is accessible through the Internet or buried

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Cyber-bullying and Online Harassment

The pervasive and anonymous use of social media has increased the rate and frequency of online harassment and cyber-bullying, endangering the data, safety, reputation, and even lives of many people Introduction It is no secret that people are bullied, harassed,

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Data Security or the Ethics of “Inappropriate Curiosity”

Ethical challenges to data usage can arise from many sources, including “inappropriate curiosity.” All organizations should enforce good ethical data management behaviors. Introduction Early reports have been disheartening. Several contractors for the Federal Government Department of State have been disciplined

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Is Data Theft Your Biggest Information Governance Nightmare?

Data theft by internal staff is a serious risk for every organization, regardless of industry or size. Establishing a strong Information Governance framework to defend against this risk is an essential practice. Introduction According to the Washington Post, Insurance Journal and other

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Examining Data Privacy Impact Assessments

A Privacy Impact Assessment, or PIA, is an analysis of how personally identifiable information (PII) is collected, used, shared, and maintained across the organization and externally Introduction Along with all the other acronyms concerning privacy, PII (Personally Identifiable Information), GDPR

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Foundations of Data Security

Effective data security ensures that the right people can use and update data as it was intended to be used, and that all inappropriate access and update is prohibited. Protecting sensitive data is the ultimate goal of all information technology

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