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Foundational Concepts Modernizing Data Analytics Platforms

A Data and Analytics platform is a sub platform of the Enterprise Digital Business Technology platform. It contains enterprise data management and analytical capabilities. Building the digital business technology platform is a core aspect of enterprise endeavours to support its

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The Role of Architecture in Delivering Optimal Customer Journeys (Part 2)

Transformative initiatives should be based on enabling capabilities, using architecture elements to define requirements and improve agile delivery,and support effective data management. Introduction Marketers and product managers are enabling enticing and optimal customer insights. Their organizations use various agile methodologies

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Data Services as Part of Enterprise Architecture

Data services support the emergence of data offices and data-centric architectures to allow organizations to develop opportunities for improved data management and usage Data Service is a part of a data-centric architecture, and the basis of an enterprise data management

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Data Office as Part of Enterprise Architecture

A Data Office has become a reality as part of many organizations’ enterprise architecture frameworks.  A data office can support moving the organization toward a data-centric view for enterprise services and solutions.. Introduction Data Office, data service, data-centric architecture, data

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Enterprise Architecture Defined

An enterprise architecture (EA) is a series of conceptual blueprints that defines the structure and operation of an organization to enable strategic progress. Enterprise Architecture (EA) explicitly describes an organization through a set of independent, non-redundant artifacts, defines how these

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A Continuing Struggle with Enterprise Architecture

Proper enterprise architecture must include business focus and business involvement, and models of business requirements at all levels are needed as well as models for hardware, software, network, data, etc.… Introduction Recently, I received a letter from a friend of

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Data Rationalization and Semantic Resolution

Data rationalization through managed metadata and data modeling, can support semantic resolution, enabling improved analysis and knowledge transfer. Introduction Across the Internet and within internal systems, ontologies are used to improve search capabilities and make inferences for improved human or

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